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Leszek Chybowski
tel: 91 48-09-412

  • Chybowski L.: Internet repository of the scientific journalInternal application to TTO of MUS, 2015.Chybowski L.: Architecture of ARE editorial system. Internal application to TTO of MUS, 2017.
  • Chybowski L.: Method and system of reducing a displacement type ship's hull resistance and fouling. Application: P.423394 - Polish Patent Office, 09.11.2017.
  • Chybowski L.: System and method of the mechanical load estimation for rotational machinery. Application: P.424104 - Polish Patent Office, 29.12.2017.

  • Chybowski L., Kazienko D., Electronic detector of signals' deviations from sensors monitoring the state of the diagnosed object and the way of detection. Application: P.427648 - Polish Patent Office, 05.11.2018.

  • Chybowski L., Kazienko D., The method of mechanical load estimation of power machines, preferably piston combustion engines. Application: P.427649 - Polish Patent Office, 05.11.2018.

  • Chybowski L., Kazienko D., Housing and interface of the detector of diagnostic signals values deviantions. Industrial design application Wp.27118 - Polish Patent Office, 20.11.2018.

  • Chybowski L., Kazienko D., Universal resistance system supporting the calibration of resistance sensors in energetic machines monitoring systems, preferably internal combustion engines. Application: P.429574 - Polish Patent Office, 09.04.2019.