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Thank you for visiting my site. I am interested in machines, engines and device construction, operation and maintenance. Since 2005 I have been working as a researcher at the Maritime University of Szczecin. I teach many subjects connected with marine power plants operation. My scientific interests concern reliability, safety and operation of complex technical systems and innovation engineering. I am engaged in a number scientific projects. On this website I present my achievements and publish additional materials for my students.


Human factor has big influence on technical systems operation. Let me illustrate it by means of the movies below. 

If there are two or more ways to do something,
and one of those can result in catastrophe,
then someone will do it.

                                                Edward A. Murphy 

If you are interested in cooperation and/or you have any questions, comments or you would like to get further information on the problems presented on my page, do not hesitate to contact me immediately.


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